The idea of this project was to use an existing industrial process and transfer it into the situation of my atelier. The rotational molding process, in industry, is being used to make garden furniture, chocolate bowls and big containers from plastic. I am using a different material: polymer plaster. It doesn‘t need to be heated.

Because I am not using a fixed mold that produces the same object every time, I can produce variation instead of repetition.The moulds were made from simple patterns and fixed with tape. The resulting hollow objects were cut open.
The first series of pieces compromises different items such as vases, containers and bowls. Each object is unique. Still, all objects are related to each other as all forms are based on an octagonal grid.

The Machine, for me, is more than just a tool: I designed the machine itself by using basic characteristics of a piece of furniture such as brass fittings, multiplex and steel tubes.

The objects were produced in the gallery »Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz« in Berlin in June during the DMY design festival. The exhibition »Res publica / Res privata« was curated by Susanne Prinz and Oliver Vogt. In october, the machine and the objects created in it will be shown at »Adhocracy« at Istanbul Design Biennial.

The plaster hardens within 30 minutes. The objects are sanded from the outside, their inside is covered with varnish.

Some objects were cut with a saw in order to create a container or a vase. In this way, the top and the bottom of the vase/container/dish can be produced within a single mould.

At the first glance, the material resembles to ceramics, but the plaster is more lightweight. Also, wooden parts and other materials can be added.

A screw enables continuously variable speed.

The machine setup during the exhibition »Res Publica Res Privata« in the Gallery »Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg Platz« in Berlin.

The first model of the machine was improvised with »Fischertechnik« parts. In the beginning, I wanted to make a machine that can improvise, but I figured out that the improvisation can not be done by a machine. It actually happens when the machine is being made (in the workshop) or when I produce objects with the machine: I am the one who improvises!

The project is related to my PhD (it is not finished yet, this is not the final piece), the PhD is being supervised by
Prof. Dr. Bernhard E. Bürdek and Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch (theory) and Prof. Eckart (practical part).

Exhibitions: MAK Vienna (»New Nomadic Furniture«), Milan Design Week (»MOST« by Tom Dixon), The New Museum, NY (»Adhocracy«), Istanbul Design Biennial (»Adhocracy«), DMY Berlin (Satellite Exhibition »Res Publica Res Privata«)