In the past 5 years, the cost of 3D printing techniques have been significantly reduced. 3D-printing becomes more and more common. This also influences the way we design.
In 2015, I have been researching this topic at 3D-printing startup BigRep in Berlin. The table results from my work with the large-format FDM-printer that BigRep is producing and constantly developing.
Of course, the FDM-process has still some limitations: speed, inability to print large overhangs and flat angles, manual work on support structures. The challenge is to develop felicitous shapes which show that they were produced using a digital manufacturing method, but that are also functional and useful. The »Woven Table« uses both the layered and textile look that FDM-prints typically have and combines it with complexity which can only be reached by 3D-printing the part.

The table is being shared as g.code file and was re-printed in various places.

Printing process

Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-19 um 10.17.54Slicing

IMG_5728Models and material experimentation