Teaching project with the 2nd Semester Industrial Design at Muthesius Academy of the Arts, Kiel. Starting with 5 different archetypical tools (a sponge, a screw clamp, scissors, a bevel)
we developed a row of artifacts that are a reinterpretation of the material, function or use of the original objects. During the process, we did a prototyping workshop at FabLab Berlin together with Sebastian Galle. We used methods such as mindmapping, prototyping and a morphological box.

With Anna Ulmer, Rosalie Eule, Niklas Fiedler, Lara Barche, Mats Ludwig.

Lara Barche: Scissors for Two

Niklas Fiedler: Paintbrush

Anna Ulmer: Bevel

Mats Ludwig: Clamp

Rosalie Eule: Sponge