We made a catalogue for the exhibition project Muthesius Parallax. The exhibition was curated by Matylda Krzykowski and initiated with me.

Has design education been reduced to creating interfaces – ways for independent systems to interact? A video and book document the industrial design students and tutors at the Muthesius academy deconstructing and reassembling contemporary design strategies such as visualization, reproduction, immersion and virtuality as if these strategies were interfaces. Taking a different perspective offers different views, such is parallax. The students translated their alternate views into tools, ephemeral objects of process, and new materials and media. Their work was presented in a walk-through post-digital interface installation that evokes the popular digital parallax effect in which layers move at alternate rates to create various illusions.

Students: Jakob Brand, Katharina Graff, Franziska Schneider, Benjamin Unterluggauer, Alex Niggemeyer, Leon Clausen, Sebastian Kommer, Henrieke Neumeyer, Hansol Kim. Photography: Jonathan Simon-Weidner.