Professorship at Design Academy Eindhoven, starting in spring 2021.

What if design education was open, accessible and participatory? Overturning traditional concepts of the ‘design school’ and questions how design education is designed, Dr Frye will experiment with new practices of networking, communication and digital learning spaces to challenge the idea of the school as an enclosed, spatial entity.

The project will research, visualise and test the possibilities of opening up ‘the school‘, to develop a technological solution (e.g. designing a platform) as well as social experiences. The research will interrogate the notion of space – specifically the ‘space’ of the school as digital space, with all the implications regarding bodily presence that this entails, as well as its impact on diversity and social experiences and networks.

The notion of the system will also be key. Systems are of particular relevance in relation to today’s educational practices, just as they are for a wide range of issues and topics. The investigation of systems will be an important element across DAE’s Professorships and an area for cross-collaboration.

from the DAE Press release

During DAE Teacher’s Week, I asked the teachers of DAE to envision their utopian land of future design education. Via an QR code, they could access a Mural board containing a map of interconnected islands similar to 1990’s computer games:

1 Island of materials

2 Island of tools and technologies

3 Island of knowledge and science

4 Island of encounters

5 Gallery island

6 The island of unlearning

7 New undiscovered islands

The land of future design education