Der Teilchenbeschleuniger entstand in einem Arbeitsraum der Kunsthochschule. Der Etablierung des Büros ging eine systematische Analyse der Institution Kunsthochschule Kassel voraus. Wir diagnostizierten eine fehlende Anbindung an die Wirtschaft. Unser Ziel war nun, Projekte zu aquirieren, die als Produkte auf den Markt gelangen. Nachdem wir anfangs an unserer Corporate Identity und an unserer Büroeinrichtung gearbeitet hatten, bearbeiteten wir Aufträge der lokalen Wirtschaft.

This project was a long- term experiment that consisted of several small projects, rather than a typical assignmt which aims to have a definite product as a result. The aim of the Particle Accelerator was to establish a design studio inside university and to collect experience in a professional context while still being studying. The projects we worked on were both self- iniitiated and assignments from companies of the local industry. In the beginning we worked on our corpotate identity and on a structure for the work in the studio. This structure helped us to be able to communicate with members of the local industry in a more professional way. The office furniture that we developed for our studio were presented at DMY 2008. The Particle Accelerator exists until now and is still working on various projects in various formations.