During the last years, videos became a very common means of presentation in design. However, they are not a simple representation of how a product is made or used. A Video is always telling a story on its own. It is adding value and history to the project.

The following are the process videos I made during my PhD on Improvisation in Design:

CLAUDE Rotomolded Light

This video shows the process of making a lampshade in my atelier at HfG Offenbach. The video was filmed by Tania Ost. The CLAUDE lamp is the first product that I made for the rotational molding machine. It is now edited by french furniture company HARTÔ.


My first project with the rotational molding machine. I made a series of unique objects in a serial process. The video was made by Aiko Telgen.


This video shows the students of the HfG Offenbach making rotomolded objects in a workshop I did together with frankfurt based designer Kai Linke.