On invitation by Jochen Späth

HYBRIDLAB. Creating shared designs in the Metaverse.

The HYBRIDLAB is a platform for digital collaboration. We are using current applications of the so-called ‚Metaverse‘ such as the games engine Unreal and 3D-scanning techniques to create a hybrid real-time design platform that will let others participate in our project. We are a mixed team of designers and researchers with interdisciplinary backgrounds (Industrial Design, Architecture, Games Design, Economics) from Kiel, Eindhoven, Warsaw, and Rotterdam. In a series of remote and hybrid workshops that take place in an immersive digital shared environment, we will establish a novel model of collaboration. The talk will present the structure and the methodology of the project.

Creative Europe funded Project together with: Prof. Dr. Sandra Schramke, Muthesius Academy of Arts and Design Kiel, UAU Project Warsaw, The New Raw Rotterdam and Remco van der Zouw, Design Academy Eindhoven.