Packaging made from alternative materials.

The company from Felde near Kiel specializes in the processing and trading of renewable raw materials. Together with Professor Annika Frye they want to show that innovative packaging can be made from raspberry seeds and other industrial waste in a pilot project. The project aims to replace microplastics, which are otherwise often used in the manufacture of packaging, with powdered or granulated raspberry seeds: an environmentally friendly filler for an innovative bio-composite material.

Sustainability requires a new approach to materials. Good innovations often arise at the interface between different competencies: contributes extensive specialist knowledge in the processing and preparation of alternative raw materials, Annika Frye knows how good product design is created and will find the right design for the new material with her designs. oceanBASIS GmbH, a third cooperation partner that will deliver the product that is going to be packaged later on, provides important information on the use of cosmetic products, the requirements for product safety and the behavior of users. In this way, the team ensures that the future product has real opportunities on the market.

They receive financial support from the cultural and creative industries promotion program from the city of Kiel.