On Tuesday, May 11th, starts »On Gestaltung«, a new online lecture series initiated by the Cluster members Jörg Petruschat and Patricia Ribault at weißensee school of art and design berlin. This lecture series is conceived in two parts: »Theories«, which complements Jörg Petruschat’s seminar »Theories of Gestaltung«, and »Actions«, which is an extension of Ben Lignel’s seminar »Performing Research: Being with / Learning with / Speaking with an Object«.

Chapter: Theories – Tuesdays 3–5 pm

11 May 2021
Annika Frye, professor for design research and design studies, Muthesius University of Arts and Design, Kiel, Design Academy, Eindhoven

18 May 2021
Daniel Wahl, consultant and educator in regenerative development, whole system design and transformative innovation * 2 pm – 4 pm *

25 May 2021
Emanuele Quinz, curator and associate professor for art and design history, Paris 8 University, École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris

08 June 2021
Glenn Adamson, curator and writer, previous director of the Museum of Arts and Design (New York), head of research at the V&A (London); and Curator at the Chipstone Foundation in Milwaukee

15 June 2021
Bianca Elzenbaumer, researcher in design, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship at EURAC Research (IT), Institute for Regional Development – Secondment at Habitat Unit, TU Berlin

22 June 2021
Conclusion with Jörg Petruschat, Patricia Ribault and Horst Bredekamp, professor for art and visual history, senior co-director of the Cluster of Excellence Matters Activity, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin,

Organized and Moderated By

Babette Wiezorek, product designer and artistic associate, weißensee academy of arts, Berlin & Susanne Stauch, researcher in design, guest professor at weißensee academy of arts, Berlin

Meeting-ID: 665 7290 3287
Password: 702332

Chapter: Actions – Thursdays 3–5 pm

27 May 2021
Tiziana Nicoletta Beltrame, researcher in anthropology, CERLIS, University of Paris.

10 June 2021
Emmanuel Vercruysse, artist, architect and craftsman, program director at The Bartlett UCL, London

Organized and Moderated By
Ben Lignel, educator, writer, curator and artist, co-founder of »la garantie – association pour le bijou«